Latest Initiatives and Projects


Latest Initiatives and Projects

1. Wikirating – Collaborative Platform for Credit Ratings
(2010 – present)

Development of a platform for credit ratings. In total there are 1500+ unique content pages – among 850+ rated crypto assets (see List of cryptoassets by rating).

Development of two credit rating models (poll method and data analytical method). The latter is the Sovereign Wikirating Index model for 180+ countries, which is based on 8 economic indicators. In total the framework uses about 4’500+ data values to evaluate the country ratings. The framework is highly dynamically configurable, in total 15 economic indicators can be used for up to 300 countries and territories. Apart from this, the framework is able to include from up to 5 other credit rating agencies their estimated country credit ratings – they are regularly updated on Wikirating (see List of countries by credit rating).


2. Accumulation Management Framework for a Global Underwriting Portfolio (Business Owner and Project Management)
(2019 – 2021)

Development of a web based framework for international 19 business units (200+ users) which report their portfolio exposure metrics on a monthly basis.

About 400’000 data sets (each with 30 variables) – in total 12m data values – are monthly updated.

Visualization of seven aggregated key metrics (all filterable).


3. KPI Dashboard Framework for a Customer Service of an Insurer

Development of a set of dashboards for 9 teams (with 70+ persons) (across different hierarchy structures).

In total more than 100’000 data values can be managed.

The main dashboard offers the possibility to define (and maintain/change) of more than 80 KPIs.

Most of the data are updated on a daily basis (manual and semi-automatic via feeds).

The framework offered a variety of reporting possibilities (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) with aggregation options.